RIS/PACS Integration
عنوان مقاله: RIS/PACS Integration
زيرگروه: سيستمهاي اطلاعاتي پزشكي
نويسنده: دكتر صفا فتحي‌اميني (تيم توليد)
تاريخ انتشار: 1384/11/01


RIS/PACS Integration

  • Abstract
  • PACS is a necessary tool for hospitals and imaging centers. However, PACS alone cannot deliver the desired results unless it is fully integrated with an RIS, in which case it provides instant access to images within radiology and other clinical areas in the hospital and to remote users. The benefits of such integration include (1) reduced film and chemical costs, (2) reduced film-storage space requirements, (3) increased productivity due to better utilization of radiology assets, (4) real-time radiology service, (5) improved service to patients and referring physicians. Levels of integration include (1) Visual integration, with separate databases, schemas and platform, with no connectivity and no actual integration. (2)Brokered connectivity, with the use of a server and/or a software to provide a common interface between RIS and PACS databases. The advantages include if there is already an RIS in place there will be no need for a new one, and the RIS and PACS can be obtained from different vendors. The disadvantages include the production of identical datasets the potential for "outdated" information, the old RIS may not support all DICOM modalities, the broker may not support full connectivity and the different DICOM services must be tested in live environment. (3)True integration, with a software that can speak HL7 and DICOM without the help of any other server or broker, with a common database and a single desktop user interface. The disadvantage is there may be another RIS in place which has to be retired and the advantages include truly seamless integration of the two systems, better support for data integration, and less cost compared with buying two separate systems.


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