Radiology Information System
عنوان مقاله: Radiology Information System
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Radiology Information System (RIS)‎

  • Abstract
  • With recent advancements in computer technology, Radiology Information Systems (RIS) have become an indispensable component of every radiology and imaging center. These advancements include computer network technologies, digital imaging, Electronic Patient Record (EPR), DICOM and HL7 standards, and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), The key components of any ideal RIS include; (1) patient management (demographics, admission, transfer, billing), (2) booking and scheduling (requests, referrals, consultation, staff management, stock management), (3) Workflow (patient tracking, film tracking), (4) Reporting (integration with PACS, voice recognition, word processing), (5) research (keyword search, custom reports, data mining, integration with statistical software) (6) interfacing (PACS, HIS, EPR, primary care, remote requesting, pharmacy, equipment engineering system, stock management system, GP links) (7) security and data backup (access control, access logging, scheduled backup). Features to consider when choosing an RIS include; (1) validity of features (availability of necessary components, interfacing requirements, research requirements), (2) reliability (security, data backup, user alerts, data validations, ), (3) hardware requirements (number of stations, network facilities, interfacing facilities), (4) ease of use (free format text reports, pre-defined result text and codes, user-friendly interfaces, full support for mouse and keyboard), (5) data conversion from other systems (old RIS, HIS) (6) training and acceptance, (7) Service and maintenance, (8) finance (capital purchase, operating lease, managed service), (9) future developments.
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